13 Sep 2008 12:23 pm

Polu Texni is closed to all submissions until February 1, 2018. In order to be fair to our authors, we need to catch up on our currently submitted queue before adding more to it. I had originally thought to re-open in December, but now the accepted queue is long enough that I want to get through it first. Submission guidelines are likely to be completely revamped in the meantime, so please check back before submitting anything. We will continue to publish regularly in the meantime.

Polu Texni is looking for good articles or stories that pertain to our themes.

Fiction: We are full for now. When submissions open up again, we will be looking for speculative or weird fiction, preferably stories that contain elements of different genres together. We will pay 3 to 5 cents a word.

Non-fiction: This is our current biggest need. We are looking for articles on future art, technology and art, fannish culture, emerging media, art and science, or art and fantasy, among other things. Feel free to drop us a quick email with an idea and a short bio before you write, although we are unlikely to make a commitment before reading the finished piece. We will pay 3 to 5 cents a word. Artists, feel free to contact us to see if we would be interested in profiling your work on the site.

Poetry: Poetry on SF or fantasy themes. We prefer strong visual images. We pay $20 for a poem. Please send one poem per email, in the body of the email.

Book Reviews: We would like reviews of books pertaining to our themes, either speculative fiction books, art books, illustrated books or graphic novels. Pays 3 cents a word.

Please contact me at dawnwich at yahoo.com if you have any questions.


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