01 Sep 2008 10:27 am

Polu Texni (πολύ τεχνικός) is a Greek phrase meaning many arts. It’s the same root word as polytechnic. Polu Texni is a web magazine about mixed-media arts and speculative or weird fiction. We’re interested in the intersection where different media, styles, crafts, and genres meet to create something more interesting than what they would be alone.

The editor is Dawn Albright. She is a statistician in her day job, who also writes, sculpts, and sews whenever she can.  She was co-founder of Avesta Blues Press (formerly Angelus Press) in the late 90s.  This project is a continuation of where that left off.


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  1. on 09 Mar 2009 at 10:16 am motherofhermes

    Dear Dawn–
    Small note on etymology/translation on the Web site title: the word would not be texnikos, but texnos, and the compound translates as “skilled in many arts.”

    Here from OED for “polytechnic”: [< POLY- comb. form + TECHNIC adj., after French polytechnique (in école polytechnique, 1795). Compare Hellenistic Greek πολύτεχνος skilled in many arts; also Italian politecnico (adjective) polytechnic (1796). Compare POLYTECHNICAL adj.] .

    I checked Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English Lexicon (the big one) and it confirms this.

    I work in publishing, and finding tiny errors that don’t change a thing is all that keeps me going. Plus I’m Greek, and the translation just sounded wrong.

    Love your site! A friend just got a poem published here, which is how I found it.


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