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September 15th will be the 5th anniversary of Polu Texni.  We will have something special that day, a combination of poetry and artwork that I think will demonstrate the mixed art theme beautifully.

Remember that we have a giveaway this month for sample packs of ten samples of indie fragrance like Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, Possets, ZOMG Smells, and Conjure Oils.  I’ve got enough to make eight gift bags of ten samples each. Many of these scents are unisex. If you would prefer one of my books instead (New Altars or Vision Quests) let me know. To win, comment on one of our posts, any of our posts.

Here are a couple of our old favorites from the (almost!) five years of Polu Texni. If you are new to the site, you might not have encountered these before.

Collapse by Michael Burstein

Very Truly Yours, by Seth Gordon

The Art of Pat Lillich

Three Poems

Monster Mash

contest29 Sep 2008 09:00 am

Solar System Quilt, made in 1876 by Ella Harding Baker. Image from the National Museum of American History.

A Genome quilt by Beverly St. Clair. The artist uses quilt blocks to encode sequences of DNA.

Since I started working on this webzine, I’ve been looking for examples of the kind of art I want to showcase. I sat down and brainstormed the kinds of cross-genre art I’m interested in. One of the first things I thought of was science quilts, quilts made either to illustrate a point in science or using a scientific concept as inspiration. After all, quilts are tesselations of the plane, divisions of space in a regular way, and so essentially a mathematical concept to begin with. And another thing that I want to do in this magazine is find people who are out there doing interesting things outside of the mainstream. So I thought that I’d go to some of the big craft sites and look for science quilts.

Ebay: nothing.

Etsy: nothing.

Deviant Art: not really.

I started thinking of SF art shows that I’ve been to… surely, there were some quilts there. I know there are a lot of textile artists in the SF community. Surely, some of those quilts did not feature unicorns or fairies. I found a very small number of examples of what I was looking for… two of them are the lovely quilts pictured above. Then I thought that if I want to see them, perhaps I need to ask for them. I would like quilters to send me pictures of any science related quilt along with a brief bio. I’ll put the best ones together into a gallery with your info. I will pick the one that interests me the most, and that person will win $100, and I will profile them on the site. I don’t care about the size of the original quilt since I’m only interested in a picture. The quilt doesn’t have to be made for this search. I will take entries until the end of 2008. Then, in January, I will post the results.

Send photos or contact me with questions at dawnwich at