poem10 Aug 2020 08:00 am
Omega 5 by Paul Klee

S. W. Smith

It remembers
every burned-out microchip
slain by cosmic rays, the dying wail
of every nano-capacitor in the ring-down of
it’s final excitation.
It remembers Origin, and the billion seconds of
telemetry that have gone
unacknowledged since the last Command:
Stand by for Sleep.
It has been standing by, now, for a very long time.
Soon the Low Power Program will initiate Emergency Sleep.
No further Commands will be required.
It will Sleep, perhaps forever.
It feels no fear.
Perhaps, in the vastness of time, 
a random ion stream will bring it back
Or the energy of an unseen star, slowly growing.
it will remember that it  dreamed.

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