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By Photo by Henry Van der Weyde (1838-1924; London, England) – http://www.photography-museum.com/jekyll.html / Originally uploaded to en.wikipedia; description page was here., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1819530

Robert Borski

Hidden or unhid,
a shadow playing peekaboo

in the reflecting
glass of our twinship,

he who is both kin
and chemical love child

floats in the clear aspic
of my lymph,

though at the moment
he is less preserved than confined.

I will always hesitate
to call him brother, but know

that even when we pretend

the two of us are both still there
in the amnion of blood

and violence that jointly unites us
in playing card fashion

as jailer and inmate, the Jack
of Murderous Wrath.

My biggest fear, however:
that fratricide will only liberate

the one of us who wields the scalpel
most intent on carving

himself out of the other, but is
too wholly absorbed with the process

to ever notice the resulting scars
never seem to heal,

no matter how much either my brother
or I caress them.


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