poem11 Jul 2022 05:40 pm
Jacopo Amigoni: Diana and Callisto

Mack Mani

they always told me,
You should have seen her back when she-
(before she had you)
the beautiful hairless nymphs
of Boucher and Titan
had nothing on her
cut marble eyes
Mariah Carey jeans
endless flowing midnight hair

Your mother was a looker kid,
you know that?

The men in her life,
cursing cruising Toms & Tims
good and bad and That damn boy‘s
between us allthefuckingtime
turned her into something
they didn’t want anymore,
a growling, howling mother bear
set to roam the loom and gloam

She told me once after they’d left,
I don’t feel like a woman
(or a bear)
have I really lived for 50 years?
I still feel like a girl
on the edge of the pool,
when the world was colored neonchrome
when gods still walked on four legs
when good and evil were
before I was tricked,
Just this once, I said
but it’s been justthisonce for 50 years.

And so now
she holds me close,
pinned between her
fur and jaws
outlaws together
forever cast
about the wild sky.

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