poem26 Sep 2022 05:08 am
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By Jordan Kurella

Choose words like thread
Only the brightest will do
The boldest are too brittle
Too weathered for the force of his storm
Weave words, cast away suitors
Wait for your love to return
Work long at this tapestry
& then cover yourself in its conversation
Each night, pick it apart
Search for the thread
(the skein?) of where you went wrong
As it was you (always)
You who went wrong
Then return
Rescue your work in the morning
Say "I love you" over the telephone
Over morning coffee
With a brush of the hand on his back
Over the shuttle
Over the wake of his ship
Your suitors still flood you with gifts
So many hearts in so many colors 
Three different gifs of showering confetti
An old photo of a girl on a skateboard, yes, Killing It
"This is you," they say
"This is meant for you," they say
So you weave them in
And you breathe them out
Another shuttle across the threads
Another tick in the loom
But no, this is not you
You wait for the one you love to return
Tapestry unwoven, picked apart
Conversation managed: wrongs righted, rights wronged
These threads were broken against his chest
Tested, over and over, with devotion
He is ready to be met
Take your words to his thunder
Say, "I love you," again
Do not flinch as his maelstrom rises up
And swallows your truth whole

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