poem27 May 2019 07:24 am
Sadko by Ilya Repkin, 1876

David C Kopaska-Merkel

You thought you were drowning,
That was why you panicked,
Thrashed about, would not listen.
After that, you wouldn't wash your hands,
Wouldn't take a shower,
Only used the microwave to cook,
And paper plates to eat from.

You said you found fish flopping
On the floor of your bedroom;
No one believed that,
Except me.
Because I love you,
I brought the sea to you in dreams,
But I wouldn't have let you drown.

I wanted to fill you up, it's true,
But then you could have stayed with me
In my watery domain
Of corals and anemones
All waiting to greet you;
Octopi and cuttlefish
Would be your servants,
Hammerheads your guards,
In a glorious life that would never end.

I know it's scary,
But I would never let you drown.
I will try again tonight.
Do this for me:
When you feel the water rising,
Just breathe deeply;
It'll be alright.

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