poem08 Jul 2019 03:16 pm
from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1000s_of_Shopping.JPG

Josh Pearce

The so-called "Sapiens sapiens"
lived in a system of cave dwellings
called "Department Stores"
set in strip malls pop-
ulated by the ubiq store whores

who snapped their bubble come
as they engaged in open market,
bartered for pigskin leather,
chewing their cud gum,

buying the flayed skins
of their latest kills
:they dance now:
clip clop clip clop
jiggity jog

and rubbing the fatty perfume
glands of intelligent mammals
all over themselves
to mask the sweat
of their own arousal
:now they dance again:
clip clop clop clip
jiggity jig

supreme desire for glittering
necklaces of glass
and bone, worthless things
to show sexual prowess
and mental subservience

all their food is candy,
liquid, and ingested
in two-liter doses injected
to the bladder directly

and sapiens' impressive discovery
in geometry
that increased surface area
is perceived significant
only by the ignorant
Q.E.D. "big screens equal little minds."

The last Irrational War
was fought only with dropped
atom malls—what they called
"City Killers"—into the suburbia
by general execs in bombproof
coke bottle terraria

(The ghost says, "Wipe out our termite-
mound boroughs with cleansing waves,
so proud we were of our fungus tea gardens
and of our aphid slaves.")


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