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There may not be much in the way of science quilts out there, but science jewelry is a different matter. I had a wonderful evening web browsing by searching for “science jewelry” on Etsy. Here is a small sample of some of my favorites:

Read on for information on these artists and pictures of more of their work. Remember that the next installment of Vera Nazarian’s story “The Slaying of Winter” will appear next week.

David Loong is an Australian artist who works with metal. He works in a variety of metals. Part of what appealed to me about his work was the combination of metals that he uses. The bronze and gold have a steam punk sensibility without using any of the usual steam punk motifs. And judging by his profile, he is our kind of guy: interested in anime, mythology, and science fiction. He has a sense of humor, and I suspect that he is fairly well educated in science. This is what he had to say about his piece paleontological prize:

The common perception of archaeology or palaeontology is one of excitement and adventure, unearthing hoards of gold or giant dinosaur remains with each scoop of the shovel. Not to mention plane chases and the peril of ancient evil! The reality is much less exciting (depending on your tastes), filled with hours of featureless soil, mud and stones, and even longer trying to come up with a fantastic origin for the one tiny piece of ceramic you did actually locate. When you manage to come across a deposit filled with something akin to that represented here, take a moment to savour the experience. You’ve finally hit the jackpot, and it’s not likely to happen again.

Here are some more of his pieces:

Our second artist is Su, a woman in Spokane who goes by the charming name of Squidglass. She works in fused glass. She has a lot of natural themes, including a lot of lovely bugs, but the thing that really won my heart was that she has a separate category for science and math on her shop. I also love the facial reconstruction piece that I opened with. I have spent a lot of time staring at those things as I’ve learned how to sculpt.

The last piece just cracked me up.  I mean, what can you say?  Stuffed fetuses… I think that says it all, don’t you?  Veronica Fisher is also from Australia, and recently finished art school.  I am cheating somewhat, because these pieces are toys, not jewelry.  She does have fetus pins among other jewelry at her site.


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