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The science quilt challenge has been postponed so we can do more publicity around it and get more entries.

I’m going to be at Arisia later on in the month.  Let me know if you’ll be there.  I’m looking into having some kind of get together, so let me know if you plan on being around.  I’m spending the next two weeks frantically working on my entries for the art show — you know, the way that I swore last year I was never going to do again?  I am most likely not going to do a masquerade entry this year, to avoid some of the insanity of last year.  Last year I was sewing etc. well past midnight every day for the three weeks preceding the con, only to have a masquerade entry that was eh and an art show display that was pretty lame.  Only as soon as I decided to skip the masquerade I finally figured out how to pull off the technical effect that had escaped me all year.

Next issue we will start a new story by Seth Gordon.  I’m looking for new artists to profile, so write me if you are interested or know someone interesting.


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  1. on 05 Jan 2009 at 3:30 pm Shira

    I’ll be at Arisia… doing a bunch of panels and a reading, and having a party Sunday evening. :)

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