Uncategorized31 Jan 2011 11:49 am

Empty Pockets.
Discard jewelry, belts, umbrellas.
Remove shoes, hats, coats, any articles of clothing with sentimental value.
Take off glasses.
Pull out IVs, ventilators, feeding tubes, catheters, implants.
Scrub away tattoos.
Urinate. Defecate. Retch. Shed any remnant of mortal consumption. Wipe hunger from the buds of your tongue, pleasure from the palette.
Forget what seemed to matter, desire, ambition, possession, love, sources of fear.
Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.
Expect a little sting as memory is wiped clean.
Let go of the world.
Step forward.
Behold the nothing of all, void of unencumbrance.
Do not look back.


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