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She found the words of others in general
to be prayer-dull
even so everyone came to her to speak to her
the devils came, goblins came, gods and demi-gods came,
demons came, mermaids shed their tails and came
in a nutshell
all came, from the cesspool of creation to its finest
and they all gave her words, always words and
nothing but words
no soft meaning, no gentle thought
she found that there is nothing but words to dry the ink on a quill
and nothing but words to dull a freshly sharpened pencil
if only they’d keep their words! she’d think, but they never did
once there came a man
he was just average for a man but
he kept his mouth shut
she was so startled that at first
she forgot to be surprised and just begged him
to come closer like all the others
he did, and when he was close, very close,
he kissed her lips, softly at first, then with desire, feeding her
moisture, gently
their tongues were soon as one and they were shedding clothes
on the floor and took pleasure in one another
It lasted as long as these things do
and when they were still on the floor, close
to one another
he said to her without meeting her eyes: I love you.
she had too, just until he had spoken
as his words spilled from his lips, her desire and passion,
everything she might have given him
vanished like hot breath in winter, like the green from leaves in fall
like the life from someone dying
and she made him go like all the others
after all, somebody else was already waiting to throw words
at her oh so tired ears


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