poem05 Mar 2012 05:38 pm


We are dragons again.
For some years we were men
And dressed our skins with suits.
Hats hid our eyes,
Vests were disguise
For heat of heart—and we were tame.
For a while.

We forgot what hats covered
Our sons were smothered
Not knowing their own fire.
Things will burn now
As they burst out,
As we must.
The dragon does not die.

The drum in our chest beats.
A warrior may retreat
But a blaze
Never loses hunger.
These are wild times again
To be more than men,
Leaving our caves to unshackle these wings.

Bethany is a fiber artist who creates yarn themed on fantasy, cartoon
characters, and book covers. This pursuit inspired the first poem she
published. She lives in Oklahoma for the time being, on a marginally
successful homestead with her family. She blogs about books, writing
woes, and Asian TV at hakusa-tegami.livejournal.com.


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