poem27 Mar 2012 04:59 am

Image by Stephen Lippay


I sink into your flowerbed,

succumb to enchanted sleep.

Purple ropes lash all four legs

to the worm-rich ground

and lavender stink invades my dreams.

Grackles laugh. My tail twitches at the sound.


I wince at cold needles,

damn the rain that dissolves

my auburn fur and vulpine claws.

Mind and message melting,

I now resolve: these dregs shall poison

your salvia, fell your foxgloves bright and tall.


Lisa Bradley has sold poetry  to GUD, Strange Horizons, and Bull Spec.  You can find more of Stephen Lippay’s photography at  http://ajourneyinimagery.blogspot.com/, or at http://www.flickr.com/photos/slippay/collections/.


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