poem16 Jul 2012 05:30 pm

or else, he wakes
and crushes you with his giant’s hands
and licks the pulp you’ll then become
from his dirty palms

He has not always been like this
not always so tall, so big
so gigantic
or so savage

once upon a time
he was like you
all daggers and sword
and a hero’s tongue
blazing like the sun

but no more.
His hero’s shadow lies dead
buried under a stone
and this vile-breathed giant
is all that remains

Softly now
or else he wakes…
up the looming cave into the darkness!
your sword is drawn already, good;
always straight for the heart
as you have done so many times before

there was no doubt that you would win against
this shadowless monster
was there, Hero?
and when you leave with one more slaying to your name
don’t forget to take your shadow with you,
Hero, giant among men…


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