poem14 Dec 2015 09:08 am

I miss the Sun
But I am alive,
Housed in rock homes
Inside the premiere
Lava tube on the Moon,
Carved to be an 
Underground city.

It’s almost like
Living on Earth here,
But for the sketchy
Sunlight we receive,
Depending on the
Alignment of the 
External mirrors.

We have twin islands
On an artificial ocean,
With deep sea creatures
Like the anglerfish
And the kraken eel,
With its stringy meat
And relentless stare.

Seaweed thrives, but
No fruit or flower has
Successfully bloomed here,
Despite our scientists’
Best efforts, so we eat 
What we have to endure
And survive.

In the mirror I no longer
See me, but a pallid beast 
With gills and webbed feet.
Tonight I will fish 
In the deep, my luminous
Eyes leading the way
So my family can feast.

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