poem01 Feb 2016 07:59 am
He sits in limbo
        waiting for the next summoning
licking at the scars of being
                forever left behind,
        clawing at the hate
                of his intangible
                but ever hungering form.
in a flash
he is called.
As lightning he appears above
to race down through the beings below.
By twos and threes he consumes them
        by his merest touch
        by his slightest breath,
until he stands alone
        even here
                on this most fecund world.
With one more racing whirl
        he is gone back home
                once more in limbo,
where he piles the unburnable trinkets
        of those frail creatures
                that whither in his presence.
He covets these reminders
        of those who can stand
                the touch of their own,
        of those who keep full company.
For even these remains
        of those damned & blessed beings
fuel the anger
        he strives to keep,
for he must stay burning bright & hot
        to earn each quick release
                from his solitude.

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  1. […] — Hilbert English Professor Herb Kauderer’s poem “Flame Dragon” appears in the February issue of Polu Texni: A Magazine of Many Arts.  http://www.polutexni.com/?p=985 […]

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