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The con was great. I worked my butt off on getting my table ready for the art show, and managed to fill the space. Remind me next time to reserve less space and focus on my best work, OK? Still, I thought my table looked pretty good.

On the table you can see my dolls, some of my jewelry, and the cameos I’ve been playing with lately. On the wall are the mixed media fabric pictures, mostly tarot cards but some classic illustrations as well. On the right you can see my daughter’s pictures, including some that appeared here first. It’s a big hodge podge of different media and styles, but that’s what keeps it fun for me.

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winter 2009

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Sorry about the downtime, folks. I upgraded the mySQL server and something happened. Glad to be back and working on the Fall issue.

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june09Summer 2009
Summer 2009

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Expect an issue in our new quarterly format next week… fiction, reviews, poetry, and hopefully some etc.

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Layoffs at work have increased my job responsibilities — the weekly publishing schedule will need to adjust.

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There is no one left
to remember
that boiling water in eggshells
will catch me out.

I remain:
the homely child,
torturer of cats,
bereft of any power
save lack of conscience.

Even cold iron
has given way
to silicon and plastic.

What kills me by increments
is not your black metal
or mummy-dry churches:
it’s the boredom
of seasons passing unnoticed
while I hump my ass
over a keyboard
to pay the rent.

I had centuries of joy
under sidhe hills
before my exile.

Human tedium
is the slowest strangle.
But you know all about that.

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Rachael gave me permission to take Unfay to a movie on Saturday, so I took her to Unadam’s Revenge.

Unadam, the bald slave in the poster, belonged to a scientist in a government laboratory who was looking for drugs to make slaves smarter. Unadam took one of the test drugs, stopped obeying the scientist, and killed him. Then Unadam stole a jar of the drug and used it on all the other slaves in the laboratory, and they killed the other scientists.

The laboratory slaves rounded up the janitors, secretaries, lab technicians security guards, and other masters on the staff, and locked them in a conference room. One of the janitors asked Unadam, “What will you do with us?”

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